The Perks of Using a Disney Vacation Planner


  • The lines for everything were hours long!
  • All of the restaurants were booked–we couldn’t get in anywhere!
  • We could barely see the fireworks from where we were standing!
  • I had no idea we could eat breakfast with the princesses!
  • The kids were exhausted being in the parks from morning until night!
  • This trip cost us a fortune!

Nothing upsets me more than hearing that someone had a terrible time in Disney World.  It’s supposed to be (and can be!) the most magical place on earth.  Unfortunately, I’ve heard the above laments far too many times.  I often joke that one needs a Ph.D. in Disney to plan a successful trip as just navigating the different Disney World ticket options can be extremely overwhelming!  In fact, I have planned more for my Walt Disney World vacations than I have for any other trips that I have taken, including extensive international adventures.

There are numerous factors to consider when planning a trip to “the Mouse.”  When to go, where to stay, which tickets to purchase, which parks to visit, where to eat–these are only a few of the decisions you will be making.  The Walt Disney World Resort covers 47-square miles with 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, and innumerable dining, entertainment and shopping establishments.  Most people don’t have the time (or desire!) to research details about crowd calendars, savings offers, 20 different resort hotels, multitudes of ticket options, over 100 restaurants, or hundreds of theme park attractions in order to plan their vacations.  Unless you’ve visited the parks for years, you’re not going to know how to get the most out of a Disney World vacation.  That’s where I come in.  As an authorized Disney Travel Planner, I have many trips to the Walt Disney World resort under my belt.  I have experienced virtually every attraction, stayed at many of the resorts, and dined in all of the most popular restaurants–as well as in many overlooked gems.  I have ridden the monorails, buses and boats and know the fastest and most efficient ways to get from here to there throughout Disney property.  I have been to Disney World as a teen, on adults-only vacations, on multi-generational family trips, with babies and toddlers in tow, and with my now school-aged kids, so I have tips and tricks for every family configuration imaginable.

And in addition to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, I can help you  plan fabulous vacations to all of the many Disney travel destinations including the Disneyland Resort in California, incredible sails on the award-winning Disney Cruise Line, getaways to the Disney Beach Resorts in Hilton Head and Vero Beach, Hawaiian escapes to Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa, and the spectacular world-wide itineraries of Adventures by Disney.  And best of all, I absolutely love Disney and planning people’s magical Disney vacations!

So what are some of the perks of working with Gina @ MickeyTravels to plan your trip?

    • I am available outside of regular office hours. I work from my home office, so I have great flexibility! I am glad to meet with clients in my local area at their convenience to discuss their vacation ideas and am available both evenings and weekends for phone calls. At the same time, if I get an email at midnight I will answer it at 12:15 if I am still awake!
    • I will be sure to get you the absolutely best price possible. One of the most valuable services I can provide is to be aware of new discounts and promotions that are released by Disney after you book your vacation. Not only do I make it my business to find out about these discounts, but I will also make sure they get applied to your reservation without you ever having to lift a finger. It’s always a happy day for me when I get to call someone to tell them their vacation price has gone down!
    • I can help you beat the crowds and minimize time spent waiting in lines. Believe it or not, there is a science behind which is the best park to visit on any give day. Crowds can swing wildly from day to day for any given park. I will create a customized vacation itinerary for you as well as daily park touring plans if you so request. No more standing at the park entrance wondering what to do first and arriving with the rest of the throng!
    • I can make your advance dining reservations and suggest dining experiences for your cast of characters. I am well-versed in the area of Disney Dining–from restaurants to dining plans to dinner shows and everything in between!  I can recommend restaurants that are the best fit for your family and will work tirelessly to secure those hard-to-get reservations!
    • I can help you navigate the world of Disney Travel. I have lots of insider tips about all of the different Disney travel destinations. From maximizing your time on board a Disney Cruise to choosing the best shore excursions, from discovering an unknown spot to view fireworks or a parade to discovering the hidden treasures throughout Disneyland and Disney World, I will help to make your Disney vacation experience truly magical!
    • I accept transfers. If you booked your trip yourself and are unsure about what to do next or if you would like my help creating a personalized itinerary, I can transfer your reservation and help you just as if you were my client from the beginning. Then you will reap all of the benefits that I offer to all of my clients!
    • MickeyTravels, LLC. is an “Earmarked” agency and has been given the title “Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.” MickeyTravels is proud that Disney as awarded us with the title of Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. We meet benchmarks set by Disney to qualify for and retain our designation. It is truly an honor to be chosen as one of Disney’s top agencies. It is a testament to our hard work and our love of all things Disney.
    • Best of all, my services are 100% Free! When you use Gina @ MickeyTravels to plan your dream Disney vacation, everything that I do for you is free of charge. When I issue you a quote for your vacation, that is your quote from Disney. As an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, I receive commission from Disney for my work. The only thing you have to do is relax–and start your vacation before your vacation!

Let’s get started!  Contact me or request a quote today for your favorite Disney Destination–and let the magic begin!

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