PR Friendly

Gina @ MickeyTravels is a blog featuring the latest Disney news & events as well as tips & planning resources related to the many destinations offered by the Walt Disney Travel Company.  I also enjoy writing about topics connected to family & lifestyle, parenting, healthy living, and the incredible world around us.

I love discovering beautiful, high quality products that make my personal and family life simpler, richer and more enjoyable.  At the same time, I enjoy sharing these finds by writing unique and honest product reviews for my many readers and social media followers.

If you are in PR, are a manufacturer, boutique or shop owner and would like to see your product featured by Gina @ MickeyTravels, I welcome and consider all pitches. Sponsored and review posts will be no follow as per Google’s policies.

In order to provide the best product review possible a full-sized, new, and non-returnable sample of the product is necessary. Along with samples please feel free to send along press kits, photos, videos, or any other pertinent information relating to the product or company. Once the review is posted, we will email you a link to the review. We believe in posting honest reviews whether they be positive, negative, or somewhere in between. All review posts where products are provided and all sponsored posts will be no follow.

I always recommend sponsoring a giveaway of your product. Readers love them and the response is encouraging. These giveaways usually run for about 7 days to insure maximum exposure and we prefer to have the company ship the prize directly to the winner.

If you are interested in featuring your product on Gina @ MickeyTravels in the form of a product review and/or giveaway, or through ad space please feel free to contact me!

Additonally, I am also always interested in receiving sponsorship to attend one of the many social media conferences I travel to each year.  If you would be interested in sponsoring me for an upcoming event please email me at

Some of the promotional opportunities I offer in conjunction with sponsorship include:

  • Twitter parties featuring your brand
  • Instagram images
  • Tweets about your brand’s products
  • Facebook posts
  • Sponsored blog posts

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to working with you °o° Have a magical day!