My Top 4 Disney World Attractions!

All the parks in Walt Disney World have their unique and special attractions.  Let’s start out with the Magic Kingdom.  Because of Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom is what people think about when Disney pops into their minds.  Personally, Splash Mountain is my top favorite ride in Disney’s Magic Kingdom.  This is why.  First of all, you get wet!  That’s very refreshing, especially if you’ve been walking around a hot park.  There is also a thrilling, 40-foot drop near the end!  Lastly, I love the audio-animatronics because they are the most amazing things in Disney World.  They easily bring the original story of Brer Rabbit to life.


Next up, Epcot.  Besides the incredible World Showcase, there are also many mind-blowing rides in Epcot.  I think the most well-known ride in Epcot is Soarin’. Soarin’ is inside the Land Pavilion.  One of the reasons why Soarin’ is my favorite ride in Epcot is because it is amazing 4-D experience.  When you sit down, you can already smell the pine and oranges in the air.  The second reason why I love Soarin’ is that it really feels like you are soaring over the sea or the mountains in California.  To top it all off, the fireworks over Disneyland bring you some wonderful Disney magic.soarin

I think I just heard some elephants in Africa!  Let’s take the safari over to Animal Kingdom.  Animal Kingdom is known as the park of nature, wildlife and the outdoors.  In addition to the rides, there are also many entertaining shows you can go see.  Another one of the wet rides in the Disney parks is Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom.  It starts out calm and then the suspense builds up.  Your raft is pulled up and you slowly, but bumpily go down the drop.  At the end, you turn and bump in the river until the ride comes to an end.  The fact that you are outdoors, listening to birds and getting absolutely soaked is a very cool combination!


The last park at Disney World is the house of celebrities–Hollywood Studios!  Now, buckle your seat belts ’cause I’m gonna bring you on the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster!  While you’re waiting (and about to chicken out!) Aerosmith really brings you into the mood.  Then you enter the rockin’ world.  There is an old-fashioned limo that awaits you and in you step for a crazy trip.  You sit there and wait in anticipation for the ride to start when you are shot forward at 60 miles per hour.  It’s pitch black inside besides the blazing streetlights and neon signs.  Inside the limo there are speakers below you and next to each ear blasting music.  Up ahead you see loops that look like lowercase, cursive ‘Ls.’  After the loops your limo slams on its brakes and that’s the end of the R ‘n’ R!


I hope you’re in the mood for my awesome mom to plan you the best Disney trip ever.  You should definitely email her because we have so much fun on our trips!  Her email is  She told me that I should put this part into my post!  Stay tuned for my next article–My Wet and Wacky Day at Typhoon Lagoon Water Park!  That’s all folks!



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