Miyuki the Candy Artist

Time spent touring the World Showcase pavilions at Epcot is one of my absolutely favorite things to do while at Disney World.  Each pavilion is home to delicious food, a beautiful atmosphere, fanciful shopping, talented performers, and exciting shows.  With 11 “countries” to visit, you are sure to discover something new on every Disney vacation!  One of the best resources for Disney entertainment schedules is Steve Soares’ fantastic website Walt Disney World Entertainment which he updates weekly.  Today, let’s check out something especially sweet in the Japan pavilion, which is one of Epcot’s most stunning. It is here that you will find a very unique World Showcase performer–Japan’s candy artist, Miyuki.


Miyuki Begins Forming the Hot Rice Starch Dough

Miyuki has been showcasing her talent as an Amezaiku (Japanese candy sculpture) artist in Disney World for more than 15 years and her shows are always very popular.  It is a good idea to arrive a bit early so that the younger members of your travel party can stand in the front for the best vantage point of Miyuki’s handiwork.  Miyuki performs at a small stand that is situated in the main courtyard of the pavilion, off to the side near the Mitsukoshi Department Store, crafting whimsical animals and other fantastical creatures out of hot (the candy is heated to 200-degrees in order to make it malleable!), stretchy rice starch candy which she refers to throughout her show as “caramel.”mikyukiv

Standing near the front of the crowd also helps your chances of being chosen by Miyuki to decide what confectionary-creatures she will create.  My girls have asked her for flamingoes, goats, and unicorns which she sculpts incredibly quickly and authentically from the balls of taffy-like candy.  After asking an audience member for a suggestion, Miyuki proceeds to take a small ball of hot  candy that is kept soft by heat lamps built into her stand, add a dab of food coloring and spin, stretch and shape it until it begins to resemble the requested animal.  She has tiny clippers to help her shape and add details to the sculpture and little paintbrushes with which she paints accents of food-coloring onto the finished treat.

miyukiv2All the while, Miyuki narrates what she is doing for the crowd, reminding everyone what she is making in “one minute only.”  And oftentimes that is as long as it takes her.  Her bird-like hands move gracefully as the candy begins to transform magically before your eyes.  She tends to create at least 6 or 7 candy sculptures during each performance.

At one time, Miyuki gave her creations to the guests who offered the suggestions for the animals.  Now instead, all of the candy is donated to a local children’s hospital, which is a lovely gesture.  Miyuki is always available for photographs and questions after her show, which lasts for about 20-minutes and happens several times each day.

Have you had the chance to enjoy one of Miyuki’s performances?  Share your experience with us here!

The Finished Confections!

The Finished Confections!

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